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Prediction Science Seminar

Date Title Speaker
July 12, 2022
Actin waves in the cortex of amoeboid cells — from data to models Prof. Carsten Beta
May 11, 2022
(8th, 2nd joint seminar)
Towards acceleration of a high-resolution weather model with machine learning: a summary of short-IPA internship Ms. Audrey Gonzalo (RIKEN)
Mar. 24, 2022
Detection of tropical cyclones and their precursors using deep convolutional neural networks Dr. Daisuke Matsuoka
Feb. 18, 2022
(6th, 1st joint seminar)
Coexisting Chaotic and Non-chaotic Attractors, Multistability, Multiscale Instability, and Predictability within Lorenz Models Prof. Bo-Wen Shen
Jan. 7, 2022
Neural Processes for Large-Scale Spatiotemporal Data Prof. Rose Yu
Nov. 12, 2021
Diffusion enhancement induced by hydrodynamic flow Prof. Hiroyuki Kitahata
Sep. 3, 2021
Mathematical model based prediction and application Prof. Shingo Iwami
Aug. 6, 2021
Digital Twin for managing complex systems in maritime industry Prof. Taiga Mitsuyuki
Apr. 9, 2021
Conflicts and trade-offs in relation to sex Dr. Thomas Hitchcock

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